Fake Fashion- Laurie Simmons at Amanda Wilkinson Gallery

If you get a chance to go down to old Soho (the London version, not the Manhattan acronym) you can see the wonderful world of Laurie Simmons. These are historic photographs of museum quality that have not been seen in the UK before.

Fake Fashion alludes to feminism, capitalism, advertising and marketing and much more, but done beautifully. The subject/object of each shot is in ‘studio’ light while the backdrop is in darker tones. They remind you of much older landscape/portrait paintings and because they were shot on analogue film, they have a painterly quality to them.  She is part of a wonderful group of artists that emerged in the USA at the same time, Cindy Sherman being among them.

In Soho, in among the old photo labs, the film processing plants, the film production, editing suites and post production suites,  these gems.