Hi. I am drcedar.com.    

I am a scientist and a chaplain, not things that seem to go together!

Image result for laboratory

This blog contains the things I am interested in:

Art- the shows I see 

Science & Health- the ideas of how we humans function in the universe and what the universe is

Values & Beliefs which has Religion and Politics – all the things you are told not to talk about, but are the most interesting!

They are in the Menu above under : Categories

I like:

The view inside my eyelids.

The view outside my window


I also like:

ATP- the Energy for Life:    


Music (most music, but not much Country and Western)  

Good food and cooking and things to do with food

TV programmes about nature, gardens and farming. (that food thing!)

Maps – I love looking at maps. Sat-Nav just doesn’t do it. I guess it is about finding oneself and a bit of humility when you can’t

Life- I think as an idea and as a reality it needs more appreciation!

And trying to be on the side of good.

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