A lot of stupid and misinformation has come out lately.

Covid 19 is a virus.

  1. Viruses can live outside the body on stuff. They can live a while on cardboard/paper; but less time on metal/plastic. So you need to clean stuff transferred from outside to inside. Soap/ washing up liquid and water work well against viruses and bacteria (it’s to do with osmosis!).
  2. Testing people is not the same as Treating people. So just assume everybody is Carrying the virus even if they are not Affected by it. Stay Home so all of us cannot infect you! They cannot test the entire population nor find everybody you have met in the last few days so just act as if we all have it and stay home to prevent speading it.
  3. It’s a virus- like many other viruses. Think about it. Some people get severe flu and some don’t. We cannot predict who. Assume you could get it badly and act carefully (see 1 and 2 above)
  4. It’s affects the respiratory system (lungs, trachea) and therefore it is probably spread by aerosol- sneezing, coughing. Masks are a good idea (clinicicans are wearing them!) to stop you sneezing/coughing droplets out of your moist lungs (gas exchange needs your lungs moist) containing virus. If you sneeze onto your hands the virus will live on your hands (see 1 above!) and you can then spread it onto other surfaces.