Lumiere- more light on its feet than usual

The Lumiere festival ran over the weekend of 20th Jan 2018 around London. Having a bit of a cold and it being very cold out did not make me feel the urge to go and see much. I guess the point of it in the mid-winter is the idea of festival of light such as Hanukah and Christmas, lighting up the darkness. The festival is the secular version, but we are fools if we forget origins or dismiss them as primitive.

So, with a head full of cold we set out on Saturday night to go to the Rambert ballet company’s building in Waterloo to see the illumination on the side of the wall- ‘Light on their feet’ for Rambert by the wonderful artist David Ward. It was worth it.

High tech projections, high resolution photography and highly technical ballet combined to make a vision of extreme tenderness and vulnerability. The feet of the dancers, their soles/souls. The source of their performance, suspended in flight, like angels about to take off, back to their own world.

In the midst of so much glitter and spectacle with no content, this is one work that should become permanent. Superb.


David Ward- Light on Their Feet; for Rambert


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