I want solar and other climate change issues!



You are reading a weblog right now, so a mobile phone is likely to be close to hand. That phone is probably the size of a small envelope. That phone makes calls, telephone calls, quite an old fashioned idea. It also sends text messages, receives and sends email; emails that you have written on it. It connects you to the internet. It can store music and play it to you. It can play films. It can take photographs and store them. It has a diary, a calculator, an alarm, a clock, a date time, ways of notifying you and countless silly apps. It also contains a battery that lasts about 2 days or more on a 2 hour charge.

I want solar. I want solar the size of your mobile phone. I want a panel that size that captures photons of light for electricity. I want a battery the size of your phone that stores about 24 hours worth of domestic electricity (I could buy two if they are small enough and cheap enough!). That is all I need it to do. Not phone anyone. Not take their picture. Not play a game or video. Just capture photons of light and make electricity. Simples!

Can someone fix that for me/us please?


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